Vitamin A


Vitamin A could be called the superstar of skin care, as there are so many ways it contributes to a healthy more youthful skin.
Vitamin A is also commonly referred to as retinol.
Vitamin A is an antioxidant, and thus can interrupt the free-radical damage process that causes skin to look and act older.
Nightly, topical application will help prevent wrinkles by stimulating collagen production - promoting healthier, more hydrated skin. This superstar vitamin assists the skin in its oil regulation, reduces skin congestion such as blackheads and breakouts, and helps minimise acne scarring.
Your skin will appreciate the loving care but there are certain risks associated with the long term application of vitamin A. As always, seek advice from your beauty practitioner. There are added risks if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and you will need to make sure your skin barrier function is not compromised before you start treatment.