Photo ageing

What is it?

Photo aging is caused by chronic and repeated skin exposure to ultraviolet radiation, repeated episodes of sunburn, bad diet and lifestyle habits such as smoking stress and sleep patterns.
Photo aging presents itself in various ways such as dry rough skin, hyper or hypo pigmentation, sallow colouring, fine lines and solar keratosis (which are generally pre-cancerous lesions).

Regular skin checks are essential to maintain healthy skin tissue and to address any skin changes at an early stage. However, there are a few things you can do to create healthier looking skin.
Regular use of skin peeling procedures such as AHAs, IPL and laser treatments, use of Retinol-based products and vitamin C, the use of LED therapy, as well as a few other treatments are all ways to improve the appearance of photo ageing. The treatments work at a cellular level to promote a healthier skin. The use of high SPF sunscreen is essential to prevent further damage.
Always consult with a professional practitioner for treatments best suited to your skin and personal needs.