Whether you’re a busy executive, a busy mum, or BOTH! In this “time poor” era that we live in, maintaining a fresh look can be challenging for the modern woman. Cosmetic Tattooing, or Micro-Pigmentation as it is sometimes known, is a safe and easy solution. Lasting up to 5 years before a top-up is required, pharmaceutical grade pigments are tattooed into specific areas meaning you will have the appearance of wearing make-up at any hour of the day. This, of course, enhances your looks and gives you greater self-confidence.

Our Micro Pigmentation Specialist Leila has been extensively trained and holds both Australian and International qualifications with over 10 years of experience. Leila has a long list of satisfied customers from Australia and around the world. With her broad experience, Leila will be able to advise you on how to approach shading and colours to best suit your personal needs. For example, when choosing a shade for your lips you may want to go with a lighter shade as you can always darken the look with a good quality mineral make-up for those more formal occasions. Similarly, Leila will be able to assist when choosing colours and shadings for areas like eyebrows and eyeliner to ensure they complement your complexion and hair colour.
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Microblading Eyebrows
(Includes 1 Touch-Up)
Yearly Touch Up  $600.00
Full Lip $850.00
Lip Line $700.00
Eyeline (Upper or Lower) $750.00
Eyeline (Upper & Lower) $900.00

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